A few days in Chicago December 2019

This is part of the London to Belize and Guatemala trip December 2019. http://dickandsuegotravelling.com/2019/12/detroit-usa-to-belize-2019.html



A few days in Chicago December 2019. Having travelled in from Chicago Midway Airport, MDW, we stayed at the Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Chicago, 1100 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60605.

Telephone +1 312 922-2900 cost about £55 per night. Excellent room.

Best Western Grant Park Hotel Chicago
Nice size room Best Western Grant Park Hotel Chicago


Things to do in Chicago.

A first for us travelling to any city is to take the sightseeing, hop on hop off bus. We took the BigBus Tour. This was about $42 each, and lasts for about 2 hours. By booking on line we saved about $5 each. https://www.bigbustours.com/en/chicago/chicago-bus-tours/

We have used different companies in different cities but they are much the same.

Tour Bus Chicago

We picked the tour up from stop number 5 outside the Hilton Chicago. About 500 metres from Best Western Grant Park Hotel Chicago.

BIGBUS tour Chicago outside bustop number 5 Hilton Chicago
Bigbus tour Chicago Hilton

Ideally sit on all of the route and identify points of interest then get off and explore at those locations the second time you go around. The ticket lasts for 24 Hours.

I didn’t find Chicago to be the most enthralling of towns to visit. To be honest the only reason we went there was it was cheaper with Delta airlines to do a stop over. The Navy Pier was interesting and the Chicago River-walk passing such sights as the Trump Tower was interesting. But that was about it. We didn’t really have time to take in the museums.


Chicago Coastline
Chicago Coastline


Largest Starbucks in the World

Somewhere to visit of note is the largest Starbucks in the world. This has recently opened and apparently can handle up to 1000 customers at once. Situated on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, this 5 storey coffee beast aptly named Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago, can be found at 646 N. Michigan Avenue. It is open until midnight every day except Sundays. When I went there the queue to get in was similar to a Disney type queue.


Food and drink in Chicago

Sue and I both love Nepalese and Indian food. Washed down, Dick, with a few pints of real ale, and Sue white wine (Glasses not pints).

We were not disappointed. Just around the corner from our hotel is the Nepal house  1301 S Michigan AveChicago, IL 60605-2601  Telephone number +1 312-922-0601.



Nepal house  1301 S Michigan Ave, Chicago,
Nepal house Restaurant Chicago

What a lovely place. The portions are huge so be aware! I had a shrimp Biryani the first night, and as it was so delicious we returned for a second night where I had a lamb Biryani. Both times in a madras sauce. Sue had a fish curry both nights with some Dal and garlic naan. Try the Taj Mahal beer. Very nice.

Inside Nepal house  1301 S Michigan Ave, Chicago,
Nepal house  1301 S Michigan Ave, Chicago,

There are 2 restaurants with the same name in town so be aware. I dont know if they are connected.

Chicago Burgers

Eating in America would not be complete without a burger in an Irish Restaurant. Bring on

Kitty O’Sheas Bar, 720 S Michigan AveChicago, IL 60605-2116 Telephone number +1 312-294-6860


As the website address shows, Kitty O’sheas is part of the Hilton Hotel, Chicago. The food was ok, but it didn’t really cater for vegetarians (Sue), the choice being limited. This is not different to a lot of places in the States, and most things appear to be deep fried. Sue had some salmon in a salad and I had what i thought would be a small corned beef sandwich. How wrong, and how happy was I! It was huge. I vowed to never ever ever eat again!

small corned beef sandwich Kitty O'sheas Chicago Hilton Chicago
Kitty O’sheas small corned beef sandwich

The restaurant is located at the bottom of the Hilton Chicago, and the prices reflected the fact we were in the Chicago Hilton.

Kitty O'sheas Chicago Hilton Chicago
Kitty O’sheas Chicago

To be honest I found the atmosphere a bit business like, geared up for the single person on a Chicago business trip. But the food and ale were fine. I am told the local Sauvignon blanc wine was very nice too.

Drink in Chicago

Drinking alcohol appears to be fairly important pastime in Chicago as well. The choice is huge, however I shall only deal with one bar that I ‘had’ to keep returning to. To be fair it was about 100 metres from our hotel. The bar is BURGER BAR CHICAGO – SOUTH LOOP 1150 S. MICHIGAN AVE CHICAGO, IL 60605 Telephone number +1 312.988.0162  http://burgerbarchicago.com/
This bar was no good for food for a vegetarian, although as the title suggests, they do burgers of all kinds for us meat eaters.


Nitro Stout! Yum

On an ale front, they must have about 20 draft beers ready to consume. One ale of note is the Nitro Stout, Epic, Son of a baptist! This beer is about 8% proof, and guaranteed to pack more punch than a bucking bronco with the hump! They only serve it in small glasses.

Nitro Stout, Epic, Son of a baptist!
Nitro Stout Burger Bar Chicago

If you suffer insomnia I suggest you have a glass of this stuff. Apparently the ‘Girlie’ white wine is good as well!

Does everyone else get a touch of the munchies after drinking lots of beer? Well almost next to the hotel entrance is a great shop for more beer, crisps, snacks and stuff. You should be aware though Lakeview Market does shut late evening. The shop is Lakeview Market 1118 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60605.

Lakeview Market 1118 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60605
Lakeview Market

On a negative side I did go into one shop and they sold dark chocolate hummus and vanilla bean hummus. That just does not seem right!

Tribe Vanilla Bean Hummus
Tribe Vanilla Bean Hummus
Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus
Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus

If you want a few days in Chicago December 2019 this is the place.

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