Belize City, Belize, December 2019

This is part of the London to Belize and Guatemala trip December 2019.



Travelling to Belize City, 

A quick couple of hours flight on Delta DL924 and we arrive at THE PHILIP SW GOLDSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, BZE. I am now a tadge confused. The flight was under 3 hours and I assumed we had to pay for alcohol. However the alcohol was free, which was annoying as I didn’t find out until close to the end of the flight! Belize city to San Pedro Belize


BZE airport is cosy, but well sign posted within the arrivals area for taxis. However on hindsight I wish that we had pre-ordered a taxi as we had a 20 minute wait in the sun for one to arrive.


New Chon Sing Hotel and Restaurant

A short drive into Belize city and we arrive at the pre booked New Chon Sing restaurant and guest house.

Houses close to New Chon Sing Hotel Belize City
Hotel New Chon Sing Belize City Houses close to.


Hotel New Chon Sing Belize City
New Chon Sing Hotel Belize City


Do not be put off by this very clean, very safe Belize City hotel. We went to the restaurant/reception and had a lot of doubt about the place. However once we were shown to our safe rooms all was good. The doors to each room are set up with a personal numeric code individually selected.

Numeric lock New Chon Sing Hotel, Belize City
Numeric room lock, Hotel New Chon Sing, Belize City


The rooms are clean and tidy. If you dont eat at the restaurant in the hotel, then there are plenty around the area. But be aware most places seem to close around 9 or 10pm. Tomorrow we travel from Belize city to San Pedro Belize


Travelling to San Pedro

The following day we took the Belize Express boat to a nearby island, San Pedro. From New Chon Sing Hotel to Belize Water taxi is just across the road. A 2 minute walk.

Belize Express Water Taxi
Belize Water express

Again we had pre-booked for the ferry and no doubt paid over the odds. It was clear that there are multiple ferries each day, and even travelling on New Years Eve the boats had extra seating capacity.

Seating Belize Express
Belize Express water Taxi seating

First stop was the island of Caye Caulker, then San Pedro. There are different boats but if they have an ‘upstairs’ it is a great experience to sit up there.

The trip takes about 1.45 mins.



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