The Bamboleo Inn, Belize City, January 2020



Hopkins to Belize City

Travelling from Hopkins Beach to The Bamboleo Inn Belize City, although a short distance (In American terms) involves driving back inland and coming out again, so the trip takes around 3 hours.


The Bamboleo Inn, Ladyville

Today we are staying near the airport in The Bamboleo Inn, Ladyville, Belize City, for our departure tomorrow. Our hotel is fine but not as close to the local amenities as we had thought. If you look on Google maps it seems to have bars and pizza restaurants nearby. They don’t!

Bamboleo Inn Ladyville Belize City Belize
Bamboleo Inn Belize

The Bamboleo Inn, Belize is run by a husband and wife that live opposite, where co-incidentally there was a wild crocodile on their lawn! Nice! The Bamboleo is a cross between a hostel and a hotel. There is a communal meeting room on the first floor, the room of which is surrounded by bedrooms. We had 2 very nice rooms on the ground floor. The husband keeps his sailing boat moored on the canal next to the hotel.

Sailing boat Belize City
Sailing Boat Bamboleo Inn Belize


Local Amenities

When we booked the Bamboleo it looked as though there were more amenities around, how wrong were we! But then we were only there for 1 night. The large supermarket was about a 20 minute walk away. There were a scattering of bars on route to the Sky City Supermarket that seem to only open during the day, and then only on certain days. The Sky City Supermarket, Ladyville caters for all requirements, so no problem there. There is a local, smaller, supermarket closer, the Yan Chen Store, but this appeared to be closed and service was through an iron grid window.


The Vista Restaurant, Ladyville,

On the way back we popped into a small bar, which had the character of a Gnat, The Vista Restaurant, Ladyville, Belize.


The Vista Restaurant, Ladyville,
The Vista Restaurant Ladyville Belize City


This place appears to mainly cater for take away and we were a novelty using the bar. As you can see the bar is a tadge barren. To get served you have to ask through an iron grid window. Similar to above. I now start to wonder if this place is dangerous.

The Vista Restaurant Ladyville Belize City
The Vista Restaurant Ladyville Belize City
The Vista Restaurant
The Vista Restaurant Ladyville Belize City



Late afternoon we return to the hotel and chill, until around 7 when we took our drinks upstairs to the communal room and met the other residents. There is a Pizza delivery service, Breda O’s Pizza Hut, Ladyville, Belize. The landlady took our order and we paid on delivery. An easy day.

To be fair travelling from Hopkins Beach to The Bamboleo Inn Belize City was a fairly easy trip, made easier by a driver of course!

The following day involved a short ride to Belize airport where we went onto Houston, Texas, via Atlanta. Our friends flew back to London

This is part of the London to Belize and Guatemala trip December 2019.


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