Calico Jack’s

This is part of the London to Belize and Guatemala trip December 2019.


Calico Jack’s.


Calico Jacks is a small retreat in the heart of the jungle.


Travelling to Calico Jack’s

Close to the town of San Ignacio. To access Calico Jack’s we had to take a pre organised 4×4 from the Ferry terminal at Belize City. The journey took about 3 hours. The last hour being over unmade roads through sleepy villages high in the hills. This place is so remote that when the driver realised where we were going he asked for an additional $100 on top of the arranged fee for the 4 adults in our party. We didn’t consider this a rip off, it is a bumpy road. Don’t attempt the journey in a conventional car. You wont make it.

Road to Calico Jacks
Road to Calico Jack’s



Calico Jack’s is run by Maria, who is very helpful and hospitable. 

The 4 of us had booked the 2 bed-roomed, 2 toilet, Jungle Villa. The television is via satellite. There is a lounge and fully serviced kitchen area. 

Swimming Pool Calico Jacks
Swimming Pool Calico Jack’s

This is a very small complex, comprising of our unit, a similar sized one next door and some smaller units. There is a restaurant, bar, pool and reception. That is it. If you are self catering or need anything unusual then get your supplies before you go there. We had breakfast and dinner each day for 3 nights. This is not a cheap place but equally not overly expensive considering you are a captive audience. Possibly due to the lack of customers all service is very personal, and the staff strive to look after you every need. 

Restaurant and bar Calico Jacks
Restaurant and bar Calico Jack’s
Restaurant and bar Calico Jacks
Restaurant and bar Calico Jack’s

Things to do at Calico Jack’s

There are a number of excursions and activities you can take part in. Some of our 4 person group went to some local Mayan ruins at Caracol, which they enjoyed . I am aware of other guests going on nature and bird watching walks in the area with a local guide. Calico Jack’s is known for the zip wiring.

Zip Wiring Calico Jacks

We have done many zip wiring’s around the globe and this was as good as most. There are a number of different routes you can be guided around. We opted for the Ultimo Explorer. This is 9 different runs with 15 platforms. There was a bit of a difficulty towards the end of the course when it started to rain. I suppose to be fair it is a rain forest! The rain came down similar to an elephant having a wee! The line becomes wet and the my partner failed to stop at the bottom of the run causing an ankle injury. If I had any criticism of the Calico Jack’s zip wiring it was that the guide should have told us how to stop in the rain. Apart from that a great afternoon and $65 US each, well spent.

Zip Wiring in the rain forest Calico Jacks
Zip Wiring in the rain forest Calico Jack’s

Local Amenities

There are very limited possibilities for buying anything in the area. In the local village there is a small convenience store that takes US$ Dollars. However you can only get crisps and sweets there. No alcohol is sold in the store, alcohol is available in the bar within Calico Jack’s. We took enough spirits and liquor in with us, so no problem there. 

Breakfast was freshly cooked. Most days we had the vegetarian breakfast Burrito with lashings of hot salsa sauce. At breakfast time the order for the evening meal was taken, together with the time of serving. Make sure you get there at the appointed time! 


Walking alone at Calico Jacks

The head staff are very adamant that you don’t walk alone in the area due to various monsters, ie snakes, spiders and Jaguar cats. Speaking to the junior staff it seems that no one in the village had seen or heard a jaguar for years. I took the risk and walked alone into the village a couple of times, and didn’t get eaten! However you do worry when you hear a rustle in the jungle. I certainly wouldn’t walk the route in the dark, but to be honest it would be a bit pointless as the only thing in the area is the shop and that would be closed!

Jungle Rain Forest Trekking Calico Jacks
Jungle Rain Forest Trekking Calico Jack’s

We stayed there for 3 nights and then arranged to stay at a hotel in the ‘local’ village of San Ignacio. To leave Calico Jack’s involved the 4 of us getting a lift in Calico Jack’s 4×4 at a cost of $12 USD each. The journey took about an hour, again over some very rough unmade roads. 

A very good stay for a few nights. There is plenty to do, albeit at a price as you need a local guide. The stay was not cheap, but you get what you pay for in this world. Calico Jack’s is very remote, and an ideal spot for a relaxing few days.



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