Bad Hotel views around the world


Bad Hotel views around the world

A lot of our trips we have not entered onto the blog yet, but there have been a few bad hotel views around the world. I shall show a few here. My friends say to me that we cant always get bad views, well we do, and here is the evidence! It may help if we paid a little more for the room of course.

This is an ongoing blog update.


(Dicks notes of views still to come)   Chino, Seattle, Tokyo, London, Trabzon, Tbalisi, Istanbul, Belize City video, South Africa, Doha.


Wyndham Hotel, New Orleans.

Wyndham Hotel New Orleans
Wyndham Hotel New Orleans


I know the brochure didn’t say we had a sea view but this was ridiculous,  a view of the inside hall, nice!

Baymont, by Wyndham Inn and Suites, Hobby Airport, Houston, Texas

This video below is almost the latest one. We went to Houston Texas and got some amzing views out of the window. The was at Baymont, by Wyndham Inn and Suites, which is near the Houston Hobby airport, and close to restaurants bars, etc. We stayed there for 3 nights. The location was fine, just a bad view! I particularly liked the Highway just across the road beyond the scrap yard. 


Hotel Del Patio, Flores, Guatemala

There are 2 Hotel Del Patios in town, ours is not to be confused with Hotel Del Patio Grande, which is a lot more, er, Grander!

Within the grounds of Hotel Del Patio is a very nice courtyard with the rooms surrounding that wouldn’t be out of place in Italy. The only problem was we didn’t look out onto the courtyard, we overlooked someones washing line. Hotel was nice though.

Bad hotel view, Hotel Del Patio, Flores, Guatemala
Hotel Del Patio, Flores, Guatemala


Travelodge, Chippenham, England

If you like a nice gloomy view over a roof onto a disused car park, you cant do much better than the Travelodge in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England. To be fair, the actual hotel is new (2020) and the location is fab, but we just were unlucky that the room was not the best view. But Hey Ho, it was fairly cheap, and you don’t go to hotels to stay in the room. Well if it is by the hour then that is a different situation!

Hotel View, Travelodge, Chippenham
Travelodge Chippenham


The Highland Inn, Atlanta, Georgia

The rooms are small and in need of a lick of paint, and the leg room when seated on the toilet leaves a lot to be desired. But to be fair, the place was ok.

The Highland Inn, Atlanta
Very cramped toilet at The Highland Inn, Atlanta

But the views are exceptional. Of course there are nice rooms overlooking the Main Street, but alas!

Bad hotel view Atlanta
Classic view from The Highland Inn, Atlanta, Georgia


Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Chicago

Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Chicago, 1100 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60605

Fantastic views of the apartment block across the alleyway. Cant beat it!

Bad hotel views Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Chicago,
Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Chicago,


ibis Marrakech Centre Gare Hotel. Marrakesh Morocco.

Finding ourselves in the beautiful town of Marrakesh, Morocco, we spent a great night at the ibis Marrakech Centre Gare Hotel.


Hotel view ibis Marrakech Centre Gare Hotel
Wonderful view from ibis Marrakech Centre Gare Hotel

We arrived in the dead of night, and it was only in the morning that we saw the beautiful view of a pink wall. Oh well, onward and upwards.

Below is another beautiful view collected along the way.

Moroccan Hotel view
Moroccan Hotel view


MIlan, Italy

Come to the romantic captial of the world, Milan Italy. Full of beautiful women, iconic sights and, er, a hotel view of what looks like Chernobyl!

We had a quick night at the StarHotels Grand Milan Hotel, Saronno, Milan, Italy. Again we got there in the dark and did wonder what the view was like. Next morning we were not disappointed.

StarHotels Grand Milan Hotel, Saronno
Great View, StarHotels Grand Milan Hotel, Saronno

Great hotel, but not sure about the view!


Vancouver, Canada.

Sometimes you just need to know that the air conditioning units (Or whatever they are!) are not the best view in a city as wonderful as Vancouver. We stayed at the fabulous Georgian Court Hotel.
The actual hotel was wonderful, just a shame about the vista!
Georgian court hotel Vancouver
Georgian court hotel Vancouver
I best Prince Harry doesn’t get such a magnificent view!


Boston, USA

We spent a couple of nights at this lovely hotel. The Hilton Hotel, Logan Airport. Boston.  It was as to be expected, an airport hotel, where you get what you pay for, especially the room! In particular the view!
Hilton Hotel Logan Airport, Boston, USA
Hilton Hotel Logan Airport, Boston, USA
But hey, ho, it was easy to get an early morning flight back to London, and the transport into the centre of Boston was ok. Great hotel, terrible view. Unless of course you count the fact that we can look into the other rooms late at night and see all the goings ons! I must admit the beer was so strong I just slept, perhaps they were watching me!

 Los Angeles

Kawada Hotel, on 2nd and Hill,

Sometimes you just accept that today your view is not going to be iconic. In fact it may be one of the best views we have encountered. We were in LA for a couple of nights. Not worried about location or view, as long as it was downtown. As you can see we were not disappointed. We stayed at the Kawada Hotel,  which was close to Union Station where we were taking the Amtrak a few days later to New Orleans. Now the New Orleans hotel view is an absolute cracker! To be fair t
The Kawada Hotel was great, except for the view.

Travelodge, Caterham, Surrey, UK.


Travelodge Caterham surrey UK
Travelodge Caterham surrey UK

It is bad enough having to go to Caterham in Surrey, UK without having this for a view. I left some of the bed in view for authenticity.



Travelodge Bromsgrove UK


Travelodge Bromsgrove
Travelodge Bromsgrove UK


Just when you thought the views from a Travelodge window couldn’t get any worse, they did! We went to Bromsgrove, United Kingdom.

Call me old fashion but the only view I got from this place was people having a wee on the jumbo jet flying overhead. One of my favourite views, comparable to the one in Wyndham Hotel New Orleans (See above).




















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