Things to do for 24 hours in Weston-Super-Mare

We are on route to Cornwall and we stop over night in Weston-Super-Mare or WSM as the locals call it.

Premier Inn, A370

Not sure what we are going to do here, not been here for about 30 years.  First stop is our Hotel for the night, Premier Inn, A370, Weston-Super-Mare.  This place is nice enough, you know what you get as they are all the same. With the obligatory Beefeater Restaurant attached.

To be fair, this room for the night was £33, the one at Premier Inn Weston-Super-Mare on the sea front was about £90. So an excellent saving. Parking is free and ample.

Hotel view

I took a photo out of the window, you don’t exactly get a Seaview, but for £33 I don’t mind.

View from Premier Inn, A370, Weston-Super-Mare. 
View from Premier Inn, A370, Weston-Super-Mare.

We walked into WSM, it took about 45 minutes, and that included getting lost.

As we walked into town the general area became very shoddy, and the people there were not much better. Oh dear this will be a lovely evening, not!

Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare

As you find the beach, a glorious sandy beach, you bump into the pier. There is everything you want there, kiss me quick hats, candy floss, amusement arcades, the whole lot.

Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare
Grand Pier Weston Super Mare WSM

Be aware in the winter, the pier closes at 6pm. We were there on a Saturday in mid October during Covid, and there was not much open. Don’t be put off there are bars, and theatres all over the place.

Knightstone Island

Looking at the sea we turned right, and walked up to Knightstone Island. This appears to be manmade with a circular walkway. In the past this was a military installation, but now is a residential area. Attached to the island is what appears to be a seawater infinity pool. I should imaging when the tide is out this would be a great swimming location, safe and salty.

Infinity pool Knightstone Island Weston Super Mare WSM
Infinity swimming pool Knightstone Island Weston Super Mare WSM

A number of my friends indulge in saltwater for their skin. What a lovely way to soak yourself whilst looking out from the infinity pool.

Old Thatched Cottage,  Weston Super Mare

Moving along there was not much to do, but the evening was getting late, time for a spot of light refreshment. We popped into the Old Thatched Cottage,  Weston Super Mare almost opposite the Knightstone Island.

What a great place! You can sit outside by the gas burners to get some heat (Not for me), or have a lovely seat in their restaurant and drink some beer, and , or, eat. We were there early on a Saturday night, and we could have drinks only. Having seen their specials menu, I wish we had stayed to eat, but alas had arranged elsewhere.

Specials Menu Old Thatched Cottage Weston Super Mare
Specials Menu Old Thatched Cottage Weston Super Mare

As you can see there was a fantastic seafood selection.

What a brilliant place, I could have stayed there all evening.

Old Thatched Cottage Weston Super Mare
Old Thatched Cottage Weston Super Mare


Beefeater, Weston Super Mare

Dinner tonight is to be the Beefeater, Weston Super Mare attached to the Premier Inn Weston Super Mare

As I said earlier you get what you pay for, and what you get is well known. We only booked at the Beefeater because we were worried the restaurants may be closed due to Covid 19, and didn’t want to miss out.

I had a very expensive ‘traditional’ fish and chips. Chunky chips and mushy peas. It was ok, washed down with several very nice pints of Doom bar, so perhaps everything about the restaurant is not bad after all. The whole bill came to about £50 which is expensive for what we had, but hey ho.

Back to the room for Match of the day and a beer. Good night.

Weston Super Mare

I mentioned earlier that the population in the centre of WSM is something to behold, and therefore I was grateful to turn right at the pier and discover a really nice town. Well Sunday Morning, we drove onto the seafront at WSM, turned left and again it seemed a really nice place, albeit a bit quiet because of the time of year and Covid.

Weston Super Mare has a great sandy beach, with plenty to do during the summer.

Sunny Weston Super Mare Somerset
Sunny sunset beach at Weston Super Mare Somerset

I would go back there again for a night, but not a holiday unless it was the height of summer.

On route to Newquay

Today we make out way slowly down to Newquay.

On Route to stop briefly at Burnham On Sea. What a lovely  beach overlooking in the distance, Barry Island and Wales. If you want a nice beach, and what looks like a quiet relaxing area, go to Burnham on Sea.

Beach Burnham On Sea.
Beach Burnham On Sea.

From there we went to Minehead for a bit of breakfast., We discovered a lovely place, Toddy’s Restaurant 9 The Parade, Minehead TA24 5NL

Toddy’s Café

What a great find. The food was good, the atmosphere good, and the staff really helpful. We had not booked a table, they were busy, but after a few minutes a table was found and we had probably the best breakfast for a long while.

If you are in Minehead try to get to then local Victorian village of Dunster. Featured on many a good Victorian crime TV programme, including Poirot. Parking is a problem but the ambiance of the whole village is electric. Dunster is worth a visit.

We left the area and headed over to Newquay,




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