About Us

Hi! We are Dick and Sue

You know sometimes you look at life and think of all the people around you that are no longer there! What will we think when we are off to meet our maker? Have we wasted our lives, did we spend too much time watching TV. Were there other things in life we could have done?  

Have we missed something?

All these questions and of course no honest answers as we all know if we had begun life again we would have taken different avenues. As a mate of ours said the other day, “life should be the other way around, so we have the money and time at the start of our lives, and work towards childhood.” Well personally I never left childhood (Dick). 

In our mid 40s we decided to travel as much as we could, and by 2010 the internet went and got easy to use so we decided to log all our trips. Not sure why as there is nothing more boring than someone elses holiday snaps. But hopefully we can give some good advice along the way.

The kids have grown up, we want to spend the inheritance, and we like travelling.

So armed with a computer, a few pints of beer and wine, and a passport off we went.

These are our trips thus far.

You can contact us either by clicking on the thingymebob on the front page or sending us an email on susanrichardperkins1954@gmail.com

Happy travels, and thanks for stopping by.