Tuesday 3rd August Germany / Czech Republic


Tuesday 3rd August
Oh lovely, yet again more rain, but this time it is very persistent. Tent dry, everyone happy.
Up about 5.45, cup of coffee, and Dick has another walk into the woods. Must be the coffee.
We leave camp around 07.30 and drive through a very wet Germany to the Czech border. Although we don’t exactly speed along the day goes easily with wee stops every 2 hours. There are 40 seats and 40 people with no allocated seating. Everyone is encouraged to move around each day. Lots of leg room. No problem.
Crossing the border one of the first things we see is a Tesco distribution centre and later a Tesco lorry. Welcome to the Czech Republic.

Tesco Lorry Czech republic

Late afternoon we pull into a campsite just outside of Prague. With a bar!

Snack stop En Route

Pitch tents, chilli con carne from the truck, and Sue suggests we go into the village with a few people for drinks. Yummy.
Get back around 10PM and try to get the laptop to work on wifi. Failed. Ipod works slightly better. Everyone else is having trouble but it is working. I must admit I later found it to be ‘operator error’ after daughter Sophie in London told me there was a sliding wireless switch on front of lap top, derr!
More beer and bed.


2nd August, awaken in some dodgy Belgium field


We awaken on some dodgy field in Belgium, Oh nice it has been raining! I was placed at the far end of the group after Sue mentioned my ‘snoring difficulty’. I had spent most of the night playing ‘chase the pillow’. Tonight I shall try the method of placing all my clothes I took with me (Which should not take too long) and place them in a pillowslip. Problem I had was that my pillow is a self inflating one with a dodgy valve. I empty the pillow of air to a suitable size, fall asleep and then I hear a hiss and it re inflates by itself. It is a bit like having my own car air bag in the tent.

Off today to the wilds of Germany en route to Prague.

About 5PM, somewhere the UK side of Frankfurt (I think) we pull off the motor way and literally stop on a field and make camp. This is much to the amusement of people also pulling off the motorway who hoot and wave and the ‘Easyjet’ truck. After a chicken curry, we all have a drink, and one of the passengers gets his guitar out and amuses everyone for a while. Off to bed with my pillow slip and clothes. But not before a walk into the woods with my Asda wet wipes. I shall leave that thought with you!

1st August 2010 London to a field in Belgium



First Day.

After numerous curries, lager evenings, or in Sue’s case Bollinger evenings, Tim loads us at 5.15AM for the short trip to Hammersmith to meet the truck. There it was in it’s bright orange and grey colours, it reminded us of the Easy Jet colours, does Sir Stellios have a stake in the company?
Rather off putting to find James, the driver, and Will, the owner, removing a wheel and making an emergency repair. However Sue did point out that the truck still had 13 other wheels so there may not be a problem! Yeah thanks.
New bolt thingy fitted, quick briefing, handing over of yet more cash, and we are off. At 45MPH. That may be why the trip takes 7 ½ months.
Quick ferry crossing, making sure we don’t have our normal 17 drinks at the bar due to limited ‘wee stops’ and we are in Europe.
Couple of hours later, somewhere near Brussels, we pull onto a local community football playing field for our first night of ‘bush camping’ which I shall discuss another time.
Although we got permission from the person in charge, he forgot to tell the 22 men who arrived shortly after for a match. A chat and flashing of eye lashes and lower bits from our guide, Alison, and we stayed.
Dinner was prepared by the ‘duty cooks’ (apparently we all do this in rota, I just hope the rest of the team enjoy Brussel sprout curry!), of Spag bol. Quick red wine and bed. Well some of us had alcohol which we bought earlier in the motorway service station.

1st day on the truck, 196 to go!

Rather helpfully someone pointed out that we have only another approx 196 nights to go!